The Cody and Company Pet Products Story

I have loved dogs all my life. I started in 4-H with my first dog, a Collie, when I was 12 years old. I went on to have a very successful career showing dogs, teaching obedience classes, and running a grooming business.

Combining my sewing talents and my love for dogs, I started Cody and Company Pet Products. I absolutely love creating new clothing designs for these tiny pets that have such big hearts and souls. I love the feedback from the people who purchase items for their beloved companions, telling me how delighted they are with how their little one looks in their new outfit.

I do all the sewing for each and every item. As I sew I try to picture the pet that will be wearing the clothing and how it will fit their special personality.

My three Long haired Chihuahuas, Stormie, Breezy, and Shimmer were my original models that helped to launch my business. They have all crossed over the Rainbow Bridge now, but I have a great new model, Tallie! She, along with Cooper, Charm, Scarlett, Tucker, Finn, Ivy, Leo and Benny, bring the inspiration and joy to our business.

I hope you will look around and find something that you feel will look wonderful on your precious pet. And don't forget to send me a picture!

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